Churchill Students Moving on to the PTA Reflections Northwest Cook Regional Finals!

Posted November 30th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Great news!  Fourteen of our Winston Churchill students who submitted work to the PTA Reflections competition are moving on to the Northwest Cook Region finals!

Visual Arts:
 2nd grader, Sahana R. with “Super Hero Dog.”

4th grader, Maggie D. with “Fairy House”

6th grader, Madison S. with “Imagination Takes Flight”

2nd grader, Maya C. with “Music”

2nd grader, Avnithaa T. with “Fairy Adventure”

5th grader, Sanjana K. with “The Race With Aliens”

Film Production:
2nd grader Yashvi D.with “School Bus Rules”

5th grader, Edward S. with “Card Magic EXTRAORDINAIRE”

6th grader, Vineeth R.with “Let Your Imagination Fly.”

Dance Choreography:
1st grader,  Sai P. with “Dance”

2nd grader, Sai G. with “Electronic Dance.”

Music Composition:
 Kindergartener, Aditya Y. with “My First Music”

2nd grader, Vedant B. with “Leo the Lion”

5th grader, Sanjana K. for “My Feelings”


Good luck at the next PTA Reflections level!


Pride “Aroards” – November 6th

Posted November 16th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Congratulations to the Pride “Aroard” winners for November 6th.

Nov6Diana B.     Cherish S.     Jack E.

Santiago B.     Arya P.      Ashley E.     

Allison W.     Mohammed A.     Hope C

Naysa M.     Latika S.     Sivani P.

Ishita P.     Abby K.     Austin T.

Joshua L.     Nithin M.     Daniel D.

Laith Y.     Jason D.      Zachary Z.

Gergana D.     Nick P.     Alex S.


Churchill Honors Veterans

Posted November 12th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Students at Churchill were asked to bring in pictures of veterans in their family for a display board during the month of November.

During the day the students visited the Veterans board and  wrote letters veterans thanking them for their service to our country.

IMG_5946     IMG_5949     IMG_5948     IMG_5952

Churchill’s own Mr. Wroblewski, shared his experiences in the military with the students during their P.E. classes.

IMG_5957           IMG_5955


Churchill PTA Reflection District Finalists

Posted November 11th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Reflections is the National PTA arts program that asks children to get creative! The theme of the 2015-16 Reflections Program was “Let Your Imagination Fly.” Churchill students were able to submit an entry in any of the following six arts areas: film production, dance choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.

The following students from Churchill moved on to the District 54 level for PTA Reflections.

ReflectionsYashvi D.           Edward S.           Vineeth R.
Gopika P.           Maya C.               Avnithaa T.
Pranav R.           Sanjana K.          Madison S.
Aditya K.            Naga M.               Sai G.
Vedant B.            Zoe S.                  Kasandra R.
Maggie D.           Eva T.                  Suhas G.
Axton F.              Sayuri R.             Sahana R.
Arshiya M.          Anvi P.                 Zuzanna B.
Nakshatra V.      Aya E.                  Khushi M.
Maya S.               Shanmathi R.


Lion’s Pride “Aroards” – November 2nd

Posted November 6th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Congratulations for the following students for earning a Lion’s Pride “Aroards” for the week of November 2nd!

Nov 2

Kamil B., Drish J., Azam N., Jordyn K.,

Grace U., Jessica V., Kristina D., Alex S.,

Madison M., Tyler A., Shambhavi S.,

Amanda R., Brenden V., Lakshita S.,Joey R.,

Gabriella M., Nakshatra V., AJ B.,

Alex K., Maya M., Fawwaz F., Samantha C.,

Hayden K., Daniel G., Ryan B., Hajera Q.,

Abby K., Matthew D., Deyaba R., TJ M., Kaylee C., Caitlin A., David L., Colleen W., Julie L.



Churchill Halloween Happenings

Posted November 3rd, 2015 by JTomchuk

The students had fun at Churchill School celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 30th.  We had a whole school parade followed by classroom parties.

Slide1     Slide2

Slide3     Slide18

Slide17     Slide4

Slide5     Halloween PP 2015

Slide6     Halloween PP 2015 2

Slide7     Slide8

Slide9     Slide11

Slide10     5 6 1

5 6 2     5 6 3

5 6 1     Slide15

Lion’s Pride “Aroards” – October 26th

Posted November 2nd, 2015 by JTomchuk

Congratulations to the following student for earning a Pride “Aroard” for the week of October 26th.

Oct 26

Aimee M.             Denny F.       Danny A.

Alyssa L.             Adrian S.        Ayush R.

Jonathan D.        Sarah A.        Sidra S.

Maansingh R.     Jayden V.     Mason S.

Nathan S.            Neda V.         Nathan L.

Mason H.            Alexi J.         Dhrish J.

Siyana G.             Reya R.         Kyler P.

Ilma K.

Lion’s Pride “Aroards” – October 19th

Posted November 2nd, 2015 by JTomchuk

Congratulations to the following students for earning a Pride “Aroard” for the week of October 19th!

Oct 19

Gianna R.      Maddie D.     Abby K.

Karthik K.      Sid M.            Emily A.

Aashna C.      Arijus G.        Madi A.,

Izzy T.            Rhenzo A.      Gopika P.

Abigail D.      Kevin Q.         Madina A.

Kevin S.         Mathew T.

Muffins & Moms – A Magnificent Morning!

Posted October 15th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Churchill had a great turnout this morning for the inaugural Muffins & Moms!  Students and their parents were treated to muffins, bagels, fruit, juice and more.  We had over 300 of the Churchill community in attendance!  Thank you to our wonderful Churchill PTA and all who helped for organizing this new event!

Slide5    Slide6 Slide3    Slide4Slide1    Slide2


Pride “Aroard” Winners – October 5th

Posted October 8th, 2015 by JTomchuk

Congratulations to the Pride “Aroard” winners for October 5th!

10 5

Matthew D.                 Maddy B.

Lakshmi N.                  Sarah P.

Mathew T.                   Daniel C.

Kornel T.                      Riya G.

Elizabeth J.                 Nihir K.

Carmen D.                   Mya W.

Allison W.                   Tanisha P.

Gopika B.                    Patrick R.                              Lesly E.                         Eleeana A.

Noah M.                       Shawn B.                              Lindsey P.                    Karina N.