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A Look Inside Miss Durante’s 1st/2nd Classroom…

Room 111 has been busy this month. Here are a few activities we’ve done!

Students in Miss Durante's room showing off their social studies projects to the class.In social studies, we have been working hard through our activity. In our activity we have been looking at a picture that had a messy playground. We have been deciding on what we can do about it. Our choices were making a law, fixing it or rebuilding it. We got into buddies and started making posters. After we were done making our posters we shared our ideas with the class.

Written by: Julia and Amelia


Students in Miss Durante's class enjoying game day!We got game day because we earned 40 golden tickets! We had Jenga. We had coding as a game to play. We felt excited for a game day! We had a bunch of games!

Written by: Nicholas and Logan