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Churchill’s All School Community Quilt

Churchill community, we are asking for your help to make an All School Community Quilt!  Your child will be coming home with a paper quilt piece this week to create their individual piece for our All School Community Quilt. The main goal of the quilt is to show how our school’s unique, diverse backgrounds have several connections which help to unite as a unified school community.

To create your own quilt piece, you may want to think about:
-What your family likes to do together
-Different places you’ve visited
-Unique parts of your culture
-What your culture has contributed to the world around you
-Something you’ve learned about how your family that is the same or different as another family.

Please return your completed quilt piece by Monday, January 15, 2018.

 Click here to view the All School Community Quilt detailed directions in .pdf form.

See the slides below giving detailed directions about our All School Community Quilt.

This photo give the students the direction on what their information their qulit piece should have in it. This shows an example and gives directions & ideas of how to create the quilt piece. This tells the purpose of the quilt pieces. This gives essential questions, like what is a community, to answer when creating your quilt piece. This tells the objectives like understand & appreicate the differences of others to think about in making the quilt piece. This tells the history of quilt making, like helping people pass down history & traditions.