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End of the Year ABC Countdown

This year we will be counting down to the last day of school. Follow the schedule below to see what we will be doing school wide for each letter.

Click the link for a .pdf version of the ABC Countdown Calendar – ABC Countdown Calendar – Churchill 2019



April 29 – Orange Day – Wear your favorite orange colored attire, to show happiness for our big Celebrate Reading & Writing (CRW) Night TOMORROW.

April 30 – CRW-READ My Shirt Day – Wear a shirt with a school appropriate slogan or quote for our BIG CRW Night!

May 1 – Animal Attire Day– Wear your favorite animal related clothing (hat, shirt, socks, Churchill lion gear etc…

May 2 – Bubble Day – Let’s blow some bubbles! (Bring in bubbles)

May 3 – Crazy From Head to Toe Day – Crazy Hair/ Crazy Sock Day

May 6- Dance Party – Take a few minutes out of your day and DANCE!

May 7- Exercise Day – Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to exercise our bodies.

May 8- Flashlight Reading Day – Bring in a flashlight, turn off the lights and READ!

May 9- Game Day – Your teacher will have a game for you to play in your classroom.

May 10- Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat to school.

May 13- Inside Out Day – Turn your clothes inside out.

May 14- Joke Day – Bring in your favorite joke to share.

May 15- Kindness Day – Be EXTRA Kind to everyone.

May 16- Letter Writing Day – Write a letter to someone to make their day special.

May 17- Music Day – Music all day long.

May 20- Name Change Day – Change your name for the day.

May 21- Occupation Day – Come to school dressed like what you want to be when you grow up

May 22- Puppet Day – Let’s make paper bag puppets together

May 23- Quiet Day – Be Ninja quiet ALL day long.

May 24- Running and Racing Day – Wear your gym shoes

May 27 – No School

May 28- Sunglasses Day – Wear your sunglasses.

May 29- Team Shirt – Wear your favorite sport’s team shirt.

May 30- U R Special Day – Be ready to sign yearbooks with a special message.

May 31- Visit Your Buddy Room Day – activities with Buddy classes

June 3- Water Bottle Day – Bring you water bottle for FIELD DAY!

June 4- Xtraordinary Day – Wear or share something extraordinary about yourself.

June 5- Year End Clean Up Day – we will be getting our room ready for summer break!

June 6- Zip Up and Zoom Out! Day – Last day of school! HALF DAY! 11:40 Dismissal