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District 54’s Summer Challenge!

Are you searching for an innovative way to empower your children over the summer? Are you looking for a comprehensive approach to summer learning that combats boredom and keeps everyone engaged? Look no further! Visit the School District 54 Virtual Learning University to tackle challenges for literacy, math, science, social science, language and culture too! Each content area has multiple challenges to keep your children’s minds focused and active throughout the summer weeks! Within each category you will find family activities, individual activities and places to visit in our community and surrounding areas. Churchill has also developed fitness challenges that can be found on the back of this letter.

We hope you’ll encourage your children to visit our Virtual Learning University often throughout the summer to challenge themselves and to keep your family learning together. Visit to access the Virtual Learning University or find the link under Popular Links on the District 54 website. There are ten challenges per content area.

Record your completed challenges using this PDF link – Churchill Summer Challenge 19-20