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Churchill PTA Announcement – May 19, 2020

Dear Churchill community,

The end of the year is quickly coming upon us. Given that the year is not ending as it typically would, our PTA has put together an option for families who were looking to give teachers a gift, but were unsure with how to do so during our current situation.

Here is a message from our PTA.

Since we can’t be in the classroom for the end of the year, the PTA has set up a Gift Crowd link for our amazing teachers and staff.  Money that is donated will be compiled for each person and then the staff member will get to choose what gift cards they would like to claim.  If you would like to participate please add your contribution by Friday May 29th as money will be delivered at noon that day.

In order to recognize the amazing work everyone does with our kids, we have paired each classroom teacher with another staff member. We ask that you donate a small amount to the partner teacher as well as your classroom teacher.  That way, no one will be left out.  For example, $15 to the classroom teacher and $5 to paired person. Below you will find a chart with partner teachers, and each paired staff is listed next to the classroom teacher they are paired with.

Here is the link to make the donation

Have a great week!

Steve Kern and Carol Novak


Carrie Santilli/Jackie Andreozzi

Judy Stewart/Lauren Fleischer

Jill Peterson/Arlene Duval

Heather Formas/Shella Siddiq

Brittany Kujak/Nancy Quintana

Morgan Molitor/Carrie Doolen

Katie Cotteleer/Anna Bochenek

Kristin Johnson/Sangita Kumar

Tracey Mestas/Brandon Bolger

Nikki Piper/Liz Steckling

Laura Lamont/Hesper Wolfe

Brianne Durante/Julie Tomchuk

Amanda Conway/Maria Cedeno

Rachel Freund/Denise Lentz

Deborah Dubinski/Mary Brodie

Nicolette Natalino/Katie Pozzi

Kelly Woolverton/Faiza Ahearn

Becca Hayes/Megan Devault

Christine Necas/Rebecca Godomski

Nina Filipovic/Haven Northrop

Meagan Kubick/Samantha Meyer

Kara Rice/Brian Banks

Christine Cimorelli/Jennifer DeBias

Lauren Hanley/Caitlin Johnson

Heather Fanuauzzo/Stephanie Koscik

Lauren Weiner/Evelyn Jada

Jason Johnson/Sarah Kalter

Lasha Baker/Laura Spallone

Steve Kern/Laura Huyser

Carol Novak/Lori Sall